HRTC 2020 Virtual Triathlon

Check it out! We are launching the HRTC Virtual Triathlon/Duathlon Challenge in conjunction with the HRTC Charity Challenge powered by Reason2Race. It's a way to keep you motivated during this crazy season.  We created this opportunity to have our training make a difference.

Challenges are the perfect opportunity to give triathlon a "tri" without normal race day pressures.  Whatever your motivation you get a chance to hit your goals, at your convenience while giving back to your choice of a charity

What is it?

The HRTC Virtual Triathlon/Duathlon is an opportunity to complete the triathlon distance of your choice, on your own time, in your location.  No entry fees, no early morning travel, no race-day hassle, or nerves. Commit to a Sprint, Olympic, Half, or Full distance triathlon.

No access to a pool/bike in the shop/knees hurt – no problem, substitute that part of the triathlon, and make e it a duathlon.

When will it take place?

Complete the HRTC Virtual Triathlon/Duathlon anytime between October 17 and Nov 1, 2020.

Where is it? 

It is Virtual. It takes place where you want it. Complete each segment of the triathlon/duathlon when it works best for you. Do it all together on the day you choose or break it into individual swim/bike/run days over time. It's entirely up to you. YES, bike trainers, swim erg, and treadmills are acceptable.

What is the HRTC Charity Challenge?

HRTC has a long history of giving back to our community. They are happy to provide this program to continue that tradition. This Charity Challenge is a way for you, athletes of all levels, to challenge yourselves in your athletic goals by sharing your racing journey with family, friends, and community. Sharing goals makes them a reality, and with this program, HRTC is committed that your finish line success becomes just that – a reality! As you train for and compete in the HRTC Virtual Triathlon/Duathlon, spread awareness, and raise funds for the charity of your choice. Watch how making a difference for others makes a difference for you.

Since the 2017 program's inception, we have collectively raised over $125,000 for various local and international causes.

How to Participate in the HRTC Virtual Triathlon/Duathlon?


Step 1: CLICK HERE to set up your free fundraising campaign and choose from over 50 nonprofits. If you don't see your cause listed, email They will add it.


Step 2: When completing your campaign page, share what your challenge will be and why you are participating for your cause. Below are some example challenges.


  • Sprint Distance: 300-500m Swim, 10 -15-mile Bike, 3.1 mile Run.
  • Olympic Distance: 1500m Swim, 24.8-mile Bike, 6.2 mile Run.
  • Half Distance: 1.2 mile Swim, 56-mile Bike, 13.1 mile Run.
  • Full Distance: 2.4 mile Swim, 112-mile Bike, 26.2 mile Run.


Your virtual challenge can be over multiple days, so make this a stretch.

Step 3: Share your campaign page with everyone, you know. Crush your Swim, Bike & Run! (Complete your distances indoors or outdoors at your preference and convenience.)

It's not required to fundraise for a nonprofit to participate. Just share with us what your challenge is and have fun!

Donation Prizes*


HRTC is happy to award the following additional donations to the nonprofits of the highest athlete fundraisers.

1st place athlete fundraiser wins $300 for his/her cause

2nd place athlete fundraiser wins $200 for his/her cause

3rd place athlete fundraiser wins $100 for his/her cause


There is no fundraising minimum to participate, and we encourage you to set a high goal, at least $1,000. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.  

* To qualify for one of the matching donation prizes, you must raise at least the amount of the award.

CLICK HERE to see who is participating and what causes they are supporting.

Also, let's keep connect on social media and keep us up to date with your progress. Use the hashtags #HRTCVirtual or @HRTCVirtual and document your journey with a before and after photo.

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