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I am interested in starting to swim again. How do I join Sawtooth Masters?

How do I know if I swim well enough to swim with USMS swimmers?

USMS programs accommodate swimmers of various skill levels by placing them in lanes with swimmers of similar skill/speed.  It is recommended that you contact the coach or aquatic staff at the facility of your choice prior to attending a session.  The YMCA Masters coach recommends scheduling a stroke assessment prior to your first swim.

Do I need special equipment?

Goggles and swim caps are recommended to start.  Equipment provided for public use such as fins and kick boards varies by facility.

What is the practice schedule?

Practice schedules vary by facility and a practice generally last for one hour.  Swimmers are placed in swim lanes based on ability at the YMCA and workouts can be adjusted to meet the swimmer’s skill and time available.  The practice schedule for the YMCA can be found on this website under calendar.

Do all swimmers compete in the same meets?

Most of the competitions are "open" competitions and allow all abilities and all ages to compete in a variety of events.

How do I enter a competition?

Sawtooth Masters may sanction a meet locally, participate in dual sanctioned meets with the Boise Y Team as well as participate in national and international competition. The meet Registration process varies depending on the event.  An email detailing registration requirements will be emailed to you prior to the event. 

I just left ABC Swim Club, how does that affect me?

When a swimmer changes teams, the swimmer's registration status with SAWS is changed to "unattached". An unattached athlete is insured and may enter competitions but may not participate in relays. The unattached status ends 90 days after a swimmer's last competition with his/her previous team. Sawtooth Masters must comply with strict rules about unattached swimmers; therefore, a swimmer's last competition date with his/her former team is critical.

I will be in Boise next week and would like to swim with your masters group. Is that possible and what should I bring besides swim suit and goggles?

The answer to this question will vary by facility.  A one day pass can be purchased at a YMCA facility.  You are welcome to swim with the YMCA Sawtooth Masters with the one day pass and membership in USMS.

Is there a minimum skill level to swim during SAWS/USMS swim times?

The YMCA accommodates swimmers of various skill levels by placing them in lanes with swimmers of similar skill/speed.  It is recommended that you contact the USMS coach at the YMCA or pool staff at any other facility prior to attending a session for a stroke assessment or additional information.

How do the team’s fees compare to other teams in the area?

You become a Sawtooth Club Member by choosing Sawtooth Masters through the USMS membership process, there is no additional cost. You can also become a Sawtooth Member by signing up through this website as a Non USMS Member.  Club membership does not include facility fees; facility fees vary. For example, the YMCA provides several coached sessions so charges a fee to swim with the Master’s program in addition to a YMCA membership fee.

Are the daily workouts available on line?

No, you you can contact the YMCA coach to have workouts emailed to you or download workouts from the USMS website.

Do I have to be a member of the Sawtooth Masters Club to receive email correspondence regarding events or the newsletter?

No, you can sign up to receive notification of events on the Sawtooth Masters website.

Is attendance mandatory at all practices?

Swimmers are encouraged to participate in as many practices as possible but they are not mandatory.

What is a typical workout like?

Workouts start with a warm up; stroke of choice, kick and pull drills.  Following the warm up, workouts are designed to increase strength and skill through a variety of sets.  The YMCA Coach provides printed workouts at pool side and provides interpretation as needed.  Workouts may be modified to meet a swimmer's goal and/or skill level.

Is there an official Head Coach?

The YMCA provides a full time USMS certified head coach during the workout times and for individual consultation with swimmers to help them identify and achieve their goals.

Where and when do SAWS Club members swim?

Members can swim at the facility of their choice.  However, the Treasure Valley YMCA provides coached workouts for USMS swimmers at various times during the day and week.  Contact the facility of your choice for details.

How do I register?

To become a member of Sawtooth Masters (SAWS), you register with US Masters Swimming and choose Sawtooth Masters as your Club as part of their registration process.  After registering on the USMS website, you will automatically be included in email correspondence notifying you of local and national swim events.

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