Twin Lakes - Open H2O Swimming


Twin Lakes is Home to HRTC Open Water Swim Training 

You will find easy access to calm water with good visability at an easy to get to location. 

Address is: Twin Lakes Scuba Park, 19230 Highway 6, Manvel TX 77578

But before going to swim it's important that you know and adhere to the Lake's rules & requirements.

  • The fee to swim is $10 per person, cash only or an HRTC Swim Voucher per person.  
  • If you arrive and the gate is closed, do not park in the driveway or block the gate and for goodness sake, please do not "honk your horn" expecting someone to open it.  Simply park away from the gate/driveway and put your $10 or your HRTC swim voucher in the mail box. You should include a note with your name and time of arrival folded around your payment or fill out the info on your HRTC voucher.  Failure to do so will cause you a hassle and no one wants to be "that person". 


  • No lifeguards are on duty.  Swimmers are responsible for their own safety. 
  • All swimmers must wear a full wetsuit (top and bottom) Or have a personal flotation device such as a swim buoy attached to themselves. This are no exceptions to wetsuit or floatation device rules for swimmers due to the liability insurance policy for the facility.  It is simple, no wet suit or flotation, no swim.  Swim buoys are not sold on site.  
  • A sleeveless wetsuit is acceptable but must be full leg.   A "Shorty" wetsuit or wetsuit shorts/lava shorts are not. 
  • While there is a "social distancing" requirement in place PLEASE DO NOT gather in groups!  Maintain social distancing on land, on the docks and when swimming.  

Common Sense and Courtesy  

Twin Lakes Scuba Park is a private facility and the rules of the lake are straight foward and for the benefit of all swimmers.  If in doubt ask!  Please use common sense and be courteous to the owner, staff and others swimming or diving as well as any residents you may encounter when entering or exiting the property.  You will see how close some folks live to the lake, being quiet and courteous goes a long way!  (Not everyone is awake when "we" are!

We all want Twin Lakes to continue being an Open Water Swim destination and you can help by following the lake rules and encouraging others to do the same. 

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